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You have to stop believing that you need other people’s permission to be okay with yourself. That however you do or don’t align with what other people value determines your worth. That however the world does or doesn’t show you kindness is a direct reflection of how much you deserve it. You have to be kind to yourself. Even, and probably most especially, when it seems least deserved.
Brianna Wiest, You Have To Be Kindest To Yourself When It Seems Least Deserved (via feellng)

I like his and Sara’s relationship. It’s adult, they have fun — recreationally and in the sheets. I love me some Hilarie Burton, and it was about time Neal got laid. He’d been in prison a long time and then he was looking for Kate for a couple years. [Laughs] He needed it. - Matt Bomer [x]

Hair Evolution

 Peyton Sawyer




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Let’s get drunk at midnight, listen to our favorite songs and kiss so much that our lips burn
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I’d do anything to be enough for you
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